Thursday, March 10, 2011

Before You Put that On: Interview Checklist

With Mock Interview Day right around the corner (March 25, 2011), I couldn't help but think of my interview checklist and the things that the Career Center has taught me....

It's the morning of your interview and that mental checklist begins:

  • Pressed Suit (not matching blazer and slacks, but a suit)
  • Fitted button down
  • Hair appropriately styled
    • Ladies, pulled back or discretely styled (as not to draw attention)
    • Gentlemen, a visit to the barber is in order (or styled equally as discretely if it is longer)
  • Shoes
    • Low-heeled pumps for ladies
    • Dress shoes and dress socks for men (no white socks!)
  • Accessories: to a minimum
  • Resume on Resume Paper
  • Black pen
  • Business cards (if you have them)
  • 60-second personal pitch (take a second to go over it in your head)
Things that may escape the morning checklist:

  • Reading through your information about the company - if you don't know the history, it's going to show in the depth of your answers
  • Reviewing your questions for the company - they must be insightful, and not something that can be found on the website
  • Read an industry related source - any time you can tie in current events about the field, it shows that you go that extra mile!
  • A smile - positivity will get you everywhere!

Gentlemen, the staples of interview attire is below:

Ladies here are a few options among many but please remember to KISS:
Keep It Simple Seawolf!

Here are a few links in case you want to explore in more detail:

Hope to see you use these tips at the Career Center's Career Week next week, and again at the Job Fair, which is Friday, March 18, from 12:00-3:00 p.m. in the Sports Complex!